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Opportunities in Batteries: Local production, Trends and Road Map, Applications Brazil

Before joining the event we kindly ask you to turn OFF your camera and microphone.

Never in our history have we witnessed such strong portfolio change from combustion cars (ICE) to electric vehicles (EV) and, no matter what happens, batteries are always at the center of discussions, due to their price, development, safety and levels of autonomy they can proportionate to vehicles.

Our goal is to bring the state of art and the best discussion of new solutions by Brazilian and British experts in this area to this event.

The UK Government and SAE BRASIL would like to invite you to be part of a panel that will take place on March 25, from 09:00 to 12:00, to seek players and opportunities for both countries in the Batteries segment and their advances. 

We are putting the main players and associations in the sector from UK & Brazil to discuss and explain about advanced batteries on topics such as new technologies and materials.Brazilian and British companies will bring the technology and future trends for the market demands to present and discuss with the plenary. 

This will be a great opportunity to generate new business leads and a wider network for participants.

Please reserve your agenda to participate in the virtual panels, we look forward to having you with us on this road to innovation.

Follow us online: www.gov.uk/fcdo


9amStart / Openning event / Thanks & MentionsRicardo Takahira
Owner at RTC2
9:05amWelcome Openning RemarksLucas Brown
British Consul BH
09:10amOpportunities for cooperation in EV BatteriesJay Nagley
DIT R&D Specialist Automotive Sector
9:20amLithium Sulphur (LiS) battery technologyEnzo Pasqualli
General Manager Latin America at OXIS Energy
9:35amNiobium applications for high energy and high rate lithium-ion batteriesLuanna Silveira Parreira
Senior Engineer – Battery Products at CBMM
9:50amQ&ARicardo Takahira
Owner at RTC2
10:02amBattery Cell Chemistries – What is the future?Greg Harris
Global Strategy Lead for Electrification at Horiba MIRA
10:19amSupercapacitorsHudson Zanin
Manufacturing Group at Unicamp – Advanced Energy Storage Division
10:34amQ&ARicardo Takahira
Owner at RTC2
10:44amUltra safe battery based on Sodium-ionJohn Fox
11:01amSmart Energies: The Imperative of Innovation for SustainabilityFilipe Miguel Cassapo
Director of the Electrochemistry Innovation Institute of Senai
11:16amQ&ARicardo Takahira
Owner at RTC2
11:26Specialised Battery Systems – Cross Sector Operations and Adopting Future TechnologyJames Hoxey
Senior Commercial Manager at Williams Advanced Engineering
11:43Hybrid Competition in BrazilJean Horcaio
CEO at WDRC the Tech Hub
11:58Q&ARicardo Takahira
Owner at RTC2
12:08Close Remarks

The event is finished.


25 mar 2021


Brazil Time (UTC-03:00)
09:00 - 12:00

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